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A Niche "N" Memory

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

What is a Niche “N” Memory you ask? It's an “auditorily framed” memory, thought, story, family member interview, or even just a favorite moment that you want to digitally capture, or something else I haven’t thought of!

Here is the idea behind how to create A Niche “N” Memory and why having it is better than just recording it on your computer or phone. As a podcast producer, I edit podcasts for folks and help make their sound, story or topic come to life. I want to do just that with your memories.

Example: You have a grandparent that you may not get to see often, and you have children who can’t always see, hear, or visit them. You may talk on the phone or video calls. Those things go away after the meeting/call is over and the story, experience, etc... is now, just a memory.

What if you had a professionally edited, single podcast of a favorite story that you or your children love to hear their grandparents tell over and over again. This is where A Niche “N” Memory comes in. I can set up a time with you, grandparents, friends, or other family members and record them telling that story, or a memory they have when they grew up that you want to capture. I do this through either a Skype Call, Zoom, or Google Meet to capture the recording. (If you want to get really creative, we can create a “series” of memory podcasts!)

After that, the magic happens. I will take that recording and clean the audio, add magical effects/background music, and turn it into your personal niche, “auditorily framed” memory podcast that you can keep or share forever.

Touch base if you have an “itch” to share your “niche.”

Visit my calendar here and set up a time to chat.

A Niche N Time Productions -


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